Computer monitor with extremely low electromagnetic emissions

Version 1

This is possibly the first complete modified LCD monitor that we made in year 2007 to reduce electromagnetic emissions from the computer monitor. Previous attempts were not so complete. This was based on the components of a commercial 17" monitor with just 1024 x 768 pixels, and VGA input. In this case we could actually replace the LVDS cable that connects the monitor's mainboard to the LCD panel, and move the monitor's mainboard into a small metal box to be kept on the floor near the table. The power supply is the big gray box, it was made of mild steel, actually it was larger than needed. In the years that followed we improved this design and changed some things to have still much lower electromagnetic emissions respect to commercial LCD monitors, but using the latest LCD panels of larger size and larger resolution.

More information

Arrangement of this modified monitors
External power supply of this modified monitors
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