Electromagnetic emissions of ADSL splitters

The ADSL splitter is another small device that may cause a harmful electromagnetic radiation. ADSL splitters are small circuits needed to connect both a digital modem and an analog telephone on the same telephone line. They contain a simple passive circuit, made of a few inductors and capacitors.

An ADSL splitter is a passive circuit, so it doesn't generate electromagnetic radiation by itself, but it can amplify and radiate the electromagnetic radiation that comes from the ADSL line along the wire. We tried to use the modem without an ADSL splitter and we noticed that the high frequency EMF had disappeared so the major source of EMF had to be the ADSL splitter or the combination of ADSL splitter and modem. An ADSL splitter circuit contains several small inductors, like the black cylinders in the following photo, and inductors are capable of emitting high frequency EMF.

This high frequency EM radiation is similar to that of cell phones. After some exposure it causes the typical burning sensation associated to high frequencies, and after a prolonged exposure it causes a diffuse pain in the skin and muscle. Like other EMF of this kind it can cause serious illness to human cells, especially of the brain, the inner ear, and nervous cells in general.

Possible solutions

We have found that a simple ferrite bead placed on the wire before the ADSL plitter may reduce the high frequency EMF emitted by the ADSL splitter. Currently we use two ferrite beads instead of one.

Even with the ferrite bead however it is important to keep the ADSL splitter behind a metal wall, out of the direct line of sight of the people. We are still researching for other solutions, trying to find the best products in terms of EMF emissions.

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