Laptop computers electromagnetic emissions

The LCD display mounted in a laptop computer is almost identical to a desktop LCD monitor so the laptop computer gives the same problems as the desktop computer displays.

The laptop computer has also the problem of the electromagnetic emissions generated by the CPU and other electronics contained in the laptop under the keyboard. These EMF are almost the same of those radiated by a desktop PC but with the laptop the devices are all very near to the user.

If you hold a laptop on your knees while your are sitting the electromagnetic emissions of the laptop go directly on to your middle and lower abdomen, where not only we have genitals but important nervous centers too.

If you are sitting at a desk and the laptop computer is on the desk the distance between the electronic boards and your body is greater however the desk doesn't shield anything, unless it is made of metal sheet. But if the desk plane is made of metal sheet then it captures electromagnetic fields and redistributes them to a larger area, and increases the radiation towards your upper body and head.

Laptop computer emissions also depend very much on the power supply. When the laptop is running on its internal battery the emissions are lower than with power supplied by the electric network through the external switching power supply. Small switching power supplies are sources of a lot of electromagnetic noise that goes into the laptop and is radiated through the display and all the electronics inside.

When you are using the laptop with external power supply you have also the power cord, which carries an alternate voltage at 220V 50 Hz (or 120V 60Hz depending on the country), and creates strong alternate electric fields like any other power cable.

In our opinion a laptop computer today is still a too big source of electromagnetic emissions. During the last ten years we have heard of many people who was going to buy a laptop computer for mobility reasons, but in many cases we understood that they were buying a laptop not for mobility but for having less harm from the PC and its monitor. Even if they didn't speak of this, they thought that a small laptop was better for health than a desktop PC with separate monitor. Unfortunately, in most cases they were wrong, because almost all laptop computers sold till today have harmful electromagnetic emissions.

Maybe you can find a particular laptop computer which doesn't harm too much but it's a matter of luck and chance, since the industries have never put an effort to avoid electromagnetic emissions from these products.

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