Low EMF LCD monitor 2014 with wooden frame

Version 4

This is another LCD monitor modified for reducing the electromagnetic emissions. This particular monitor has a 17" 5:4 display but the screen resolution is 1280 x 1024, not just the old 1024 x 768 that was typical of this display size. The input is VGA. The backlight has been replaced with two 12 V LED strips. The mainboard is enclosed in a thick aluminum box. All the parts are powered with a linear power supply. The frame is made of planed fir wood, colored with natural wood stain. The wooden frame was needed because the original plastic and metal frame could not be reused with the aluminum box on the back.

The results for the reduction of the electromagnetic emissions are very good, and the brightness of the display is also quite high. This particular modified monitor is nearly perfect because we didn't have to open the LCD module at all, the LED strips have been inserted in the same places of the original fluorescent tubes, so the internal light diffuser hasn't been touched at all, and so it is as it came from the high tech factory. Unfortunately this can't be done with larger displays that have a kind of LED backlight. This monitor size is good for typical office work. The size and format is a little out of date to watch videos, movies or browse some web sites, but having much much less electromagnetic radiation from the monitor is much more important to us.

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