Shielded multiple socket outlet review

In this article we review a shielded multiple outlet produced by German factory Gigahertz Solutions.

The multiple outlet has four Schuko type sockets and one switch. The cord from the outlet to the plug is also shielded, and it is about 2.20 mt long. The product conforms to the CE norms.

Measures of electric field

We have measured the electric field in the low frequency range (10 Hz - 2 KHz) near the socket outlet having the plug inserted into a wall socket at 220 V AC, with the outlet lying on the floor, far from other objects.

PositionElectric field (V/m)Notes
15instrument aside
22instrument aside
32instrument aside
453instrument above
5140instrument above

The properties of the cord are the same of the shielded power cord of the same manufacturer, that we have reviewed here.

Comparison with a non-shielded socket outlet

Here are the measures of electric field, in the same low frequency range, with the same instrument and in the same conditions, for a non shielded multiple outlet.

PositionElectric field (V/m)Notes
1585instrument aside
2600instrument aside
3600instrument aside
4235instrument above
5625instrument above

As we can see the shielded multiple outlet eliminates almost completely the electric field, the difference respect the non shielded one is huge.

In the shielded multiple outlet there is some high electric field only above the sockets of course, but since the sockets are going to be filled with Schuko plugs of a shielded power cord these points are quite unreachable.

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