Low electromagnetic emissions desktop lamps (old models)

Since almost all the desktop lamps available in furniture shops create electromagnetic fields that cause damage to human health, we decided to design and make some desktop lamps without electromagnetic emissions.

Our low electromagnetic emissions desktop lamps are based on white LED supplied with direct filtered current.

At this moment we still can't build the lamps from scratch so we buy a cheap desktop lamp, but quite good in appearance, and modify it. For example we use a desktop lamp available from Ikea stores at a convenient price.

After our modifications the lamp has a set of white LEDs, which are totally cold, instead of the halogen bulb or other type of light bulb, and is powered with low DC voltage, 5 V or less, by means of an external linear power supply with DC filters. The low frequency electric field and magnetic field near to this modified lamp are indistinguishable from the values measured when the lamp is turned off.

First model

This first model has a heavy plate for pedestal. This model is available in white, black, silver and red color for the structure.

Second model

The second model has no pedestal, instead it has a small clamp to fix the structure on the edge of the table, so it is much lighter, and it is also less expensive.

Measures of the low frequency magnetic field

The following table reports the measured values of low frequency magnetic field near the original lamp and the modified lamp, both in the same place and same conditions. The instrument used is single-axis and the values reported are those of the biggest spatial component of the magnetic field.

PositionOriginal lamp (nT)Modified lamp (nT)
On the wire1502
5 cm from the wire252
On the pedestal2002
On the horizontal arm9002
10 cm from the lamp302
20 cm from the lamp172

It is clear that the magnetic field around the low EMF desktop lamp is just the background low frequency magnetic field of the place of the measurement. Instead the original lamp has a noticeable low frequency magnetic field.

The AC magnetic field is only one face of the field generated by the original lamp, the original lamp creates also a strong AC electric field which can be estimated in several hundreds V/m near the lamp and the wire, and about a one thousand V/m right on the wire. These modified desktop lamps instead have in practice zero electic field because the voltage of the circuit is very low.

If you would like a modified lamp for your home or office contact us.

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