Low EMF desk 2015

This is our current solution for having a desk with as low electromagnetic radiation as possible.

The system is composed of our modified LCD monitor with linear power supply, an optical USB cable and an optical HDMI cable. The power supply provides also the 5V DC to the optical USB and optical HDMI cables terminals.

The optical USB and the optical HDMI cable terminals are enclosed in carefully worked aluminum boxes. These boxes are designed especially for shielding electromagnetic radiation. Initally we used two small boxes, but we are going to replace them with a single box. This box can also be fixed under the table so it doesn't clutter the desk.

The linear power supply is placed on the floor at some distance from the table. It doesn't generate electromagnetic radiation, it has only some low frequency magnetic field, which is confined to a short distance from the transformer.

The computer is placed far from the desk, possibly in another room.

The desk can be any desk or table, but an entirely wooden desk is preferred. Also the depth of the desk has to be at least 80 cm, but a little more is preferred, given the size of the monitor.

The mouse and the keyboard can be any decent mouse and keyboard with USB connection. The electromagnetic emissions of the mouse and the keyboard are noticeably lower due to the fact that they are not connected electrically to the computer.

The box of the optical USB cable terminal contains also a small USB hub, that is needed for using both keyboard and mouse on the same cable. This hub can have for example 4 ports so there are two free ports for connecting other small USB devices. If the hub needs a DC source then its DC can be provided by the linear power supply.

This system provides the best reduction of electromagnetic emissions from the computer, the monitor, and the other computer peripherals. We also have a low EMF LED desk lamp mounted on the desk.

This system is for a fixed computer workstation, it is composed of many parts and cables, so it is supposed to be installed on a fixed desk.

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