Low EMF computer networks

Computer networks are another source of electromagnetic fields and radiation in today homes and workplaces. We strived to reduce the EMF of computer networks for more than a decade.

We started using Plastic Optical Fiber in 2013. The POF system is great, it has many advantages, but it misses a few details that still create some problems.

In 2018 we started to use another fiber optic network system, which is also good and doesn't have some of these defects.

This year we have selected the best products to form a true low EMF computer network.

We have also selected products for creating fiber optic wall sockets. The optical connectors are not supposed to be attached and detached many times, but if we don't detach and reattach the cables too often then these wall sockets are useful to keep the cable system well ordered and neat. For example we can install a wall socket near the desk, another near the computer, another near the Internet device, and then connect the devices to the wall sockets by means of short optical cables.

We also examined two main ways to install the fiber optic cables in the home or office, with PVC pipes inside the walls, or with PVC guides on the exterior of the walls.

Currently we can't provide the products directly but we can design the network and make the list of products that you need to get, and we can direct you to the most convenient online shops.

Our team is graduated in Electronic Engineering and has dedicated many years to the research of better ways to use computers and networks in order to avoid the bad effects of electromagnetic fields and radiation.

If you are interested and would like to receive more details or a quote write an email to mail@lowemfoffice.com or send us a message with the contact form.

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