To electrosensitive people

Someone has introduced the words electrosensitivity, electrosensitive, electro-hyper-sensitivity, electro-hyper-sensitive which give the impression that people who reports symptoms of physical disturbance caused by electromagnetic fields has something different from "normal" people, or that they are ill in some way.

Some honest researchers have found that people with extreme electrosensitivity have actually a more sensitive skin. This is comparable to the differences in how different people react to sunlight, for example there is who gets a tan quickly and there is who doesn't get a tan but skin burnings.

But reactions to electromagnetic fields are not coming just from skin, each part of the human body is affected, especially nervous centers, but also all the other cells.

The so called electrosensitivity is not a physical character like blonde hair or black skin, it is a state of illness due to internal damages caused by most electromagnetic radiations that are not part of the natural earth environment.

The truth is that one was not born with an electrosensitive body, people become electrosensitive after a prolonged exposure to an electromagnetic field, and from that moment they are hurt also by other electromagnetic fields of other origins that once their body was able to bear.

Some terms more suited to describe this condition then may be electroinjury and electroinjured, not "electrosensitivity" and "electrosensitive".

We could ask ourselves how the terms "electrosensitivity" and "electrosensitive" came up into the media, considering that these terms put the fault of this condition on the individual characteristics instead of the real causes which are the non ionizing and non natural radiations, but the answer is so obvious that everybody could guess it at this point.

One of the main cause of this physical state of illness is actually the computer monitor, most people who had their health damaged in this way had a full time job in front of a computer monitor, and maybe the offices where they worked were also polluted by electric cables, transformers and nearby antennas.

There are many cases of people who become ill because of exposure to the electromagnetic radiation of cell phone towers and radio or TV station.