How water increases the harmful effect of electromagnetic radiation

The effect of an electromagnetic field or radiation on a human body varies greatly with the amount of water that is on the skin and into the external layers of the skin.

Having partially wet hair

If you sit in front the computer monitor, or near another source of electromagnetic fields or radiation, while you have your hair a little wet you will likely feel more damage from the electromagnetic field or radiation. This may happen for many reasons, for example you may enter the office after having been outside during some rain, or you may have been sweating more than usual, etc... In this cases it is better to dry oneself hair well before starting to use the computer or other devices.

Having partially wet hands

If you use the computer mouse or keyboard when your hand is a little wet you will probably feel more damage in your hand and fingers. This may happen to people who, by their own physical characteristics, have cold and wet hands. This may happen also to anybody who wash their hands and don't dry them well. Even if you dry your hands with a towel, the skin remains a little wet. To dry completely the skin a source of heat is needed, like an electric hairdryer that blows hot air, or keeping your hands near a source of heat. It is better to have your hands extremely dry when using a computer keyboard, mouse, or any electronic device. This is especially true for touchscreens like tablet computers and other.


When the skin is a little wet the electric field from the outside can enter the skin much more deeply. A dry skin blocks the electromagnetic field and radiation much more than a slightly wet skin. According to the physics of electromagnetic fields and radiation, the magnetic field is not stopped neither by a dry skin, however the electric field instead is actually reduced in a dry skin respect to a wet skin, and most of the problems are usually due to the electric portion of the field or radiation. It is generally said that the skin has an electric resistance. The electric resistance of very dry skin is much higher than that of slighty wet skin. If the resistance of the skin is higher then the high frequency electromagnetic radiation hitting the body is strongly attenuated before entering the body under the skin, and so the inner body is saved. We have also noticed that the electromagnetic radiation from computer monitors causes the external skin to die more rapidly. Since the external layer of skin generally dies anyway in a few weeks or months, and is replaced, this is not a big problem, but if the electromagnetic radiation passes thorugh the skin it may cause serious damages to the living tissues.

Other effects like this

Another effect like this is that of the amount of hair you have on your head. A person with very short hair will be harmed more by some types of electromagnetic radiation. The hair actually stops part of the high frequency radiation, because a thick volume of hair absorbs a big fraction of the radiation. Of course, the parts of your head with short or no hair are not protected, and anyway, the low frequency radiation is not stopped by the hair. If the hair is a little wet, but the skin under the hair is still very dry, the effect may be different, certainly it depends on the type and frequency of the electromagnetic radiation.


This notes are not meant to be in favour of using electronic devices that emit harmful electromagnetic radiation. However, it is useful to know that if your hand are a little wet, or the skin on your head and face is a little wet, then you will certainly be less resistant to the electromagnetic radiation, and it is very likely that you will have much stronger symptoms and even pain caused by non natural electromagnetic radiation that pollutes your environment. The best thing to do to prevent the damages is always to remove the sources of the electromagnetic radiation.

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