VoIP telephone with low EMF

This is a solution to avoid the EMF produced by analog telephones connected to VDSL routers.

This solution is composed of a typical VoIP telephone, a fiber optic media converter and a linear power supply.

The VoIP telephone is connected to the VDSL router by means of the fiber optic LAN.

The linear power supply powers both the VoIP telephone and the fiber optic media converter, which both work with 5 V DC.

This system has much less EMF than an analog telephone connected to the PHONE port of the VDSL router.

The fiber optic LAN insulates the telephone from the router, so the high frequency electromagnetic noise generated by the router cannot travel back along the cables and reach the telephone .

The linear power supply provides the 5V DC power without adding EM noise to the phone.

The fiber optic media converter has a metal enclosure so the high frequency EM radiation from the optoelectronic components is stopped.

The connection between the media converter and the phone is made with a short Ethernet cable, just 10 cm.

For powering both the telephone and the media converter there is a short DC cable with one plug on one end and two plugs on the other end.

Other aspects

The VoIP telephone can be turned on and off by means of the switch of the power supply.


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