Low EMF LCD monitor 2023

Version 10

This is our latest LCD monitor modified for reducing the electromagnetic emissions. This monitor has a 24" 16:9 display with Full HD screen resolution 1920 x 1080. The input is VGA or DVI which is compatible with HDMI using the needed cable or adapter. The backlight is the original LED array of the manufacturer, but now it is powered with a filtered DC voltage between 24 and 28 V DC generated by a linear power supply. The mainboard is enclosed in a thick aluminum box and it is powered by a separate circuit of the linear power supply, at 19 V DC. The plastic frame is the original one with some modifications. From the back this monitor has two more apertures for the passage of the cables, from the front the monitor looks exactly like the original product. The power supply box is made of aluminum alloy with black treatment. The power supply is supposed to be placed on the floor at some distance from the user. The cables are detachable and can be replaced with longer cables if required.

The results for the reduction of the electromagnetic emissions are very good, and the brightness of the display is also quite high. The brightness can be adjusted completely, from very dim to very bright, by means of a multi turn knob located on the power supply box. All the other functions of the monitor, like contrast, color settings etc... are functional. This monitor size is perfect for office and most design work, and also for watching videos and movies.

Original monitor

This modified monitor is derived from the commercial product BenQ GL2450 which is now out of production, anyway we take only the driver board, the external plastic frame and possibly the LCD panel from the original monitor and we discard the power supply board and the metal frame inside. We may also replace the LCD panel with another one of the same model if needed.

Video connection

This monitor has the standard VGA and DVI video connectors. The VGA connector is there just for compatibility with older computers that don't have DVI or HDMI output. The picture quality is the best when the DVI input is used. The DVI input is compatible with the HDMI output of most computers and other devices through a simple HDMI-DVI adapter or an HDMI-DVI cable. If an adapter is used it is important that the adapter is well shielded because otherwise the adapter leaks EM radiation of the HDMI cable, and it is better to put the adapter at the computer side rather than at the monitor side. Instead of an adapter it is possible to find video cables with HDMI plug on one end and DVI plug on the other end.

Power supply box

The power supply box is 160 mm wide, 80 mm tall (90 mm with the feet) and 220 mm long (240 including the knob on the front and the switch on the back). The power supply box has some empty space inside because the circuit board of this model has two circuits only instead of four, but the transformer takes space anyways.

AC power connection

The power supply of this monitor has the standard IEC connector for the AC power, like most computers and monitors. The AC power cord is either not provided or it can be provided with the Schuko plug only.

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